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About us

NGO 'ГРУППА ПАТРИОТ' was established on July 26, 2014 in Slovyansk, Donetsk region. On the eve of that day, the future head of the NGO, Oleg Kotenko, was approached by public activists from the city of Cherkasy, who reported the disappearance of two soldiers of the Armed Forces in the anti-terrorist operation zone and asked for help in their release. The release of the first prisoners was the beginning of the groups existence.


  1. Search for missing military and civilian exchanges and release of hostages in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation and in the temporarily occupied territories
  2. Search for the bodies of the dead, as well as burials in the temporarily occupied territories
  3. Providing humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian military along the entire line of demarcation, rehabilitation and assistance to ATO soldiers and their families
  4. Rehabilitation and providing psychological assistance to children from the area carrying out anti-terrorist operation
  5. Search for war criminals and their accomplices

MEDIA GROUP "PATRIOT OF DONBASS" was created to inform the population of Ukraine about the general state and consequences of the fight against Russian hybrid aggression in Ukraine.

To this end, in 2017 the printing and distribution of the newspaper "Patriot of Donbass" was launched. This is not a political information publication that contains a lot of useful and unique information on social, legal, historical and developmental topics. The newspaper is published once a month, with a circulation of 300,000 copies. Distributed in seven regions of Ukraine. The main goal is to deliver the newspaper to the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

You can find all issues of our newspaper in the Archive section. A hotline was also set up to provide feedback to the public. There are a lot of calls, especially from the occupied territories. People are interested in the real situation on the territory of free Ukraine. They complain that they are not able to receive truthful information. They ask for help and advice on social and legal issues. Also, by calling us at

Hotline 0800 339-247 can report information to prevent Russian aggression.

For convenience and efficiency of receiving the freshest and actual information, the site works (link). Round the clock. On our YouTube channel

You can watch the Weekly News program about the main events of the week every week. Author's programs with unique guests and Analytical program.

You can also join in the news by calling us or writing to the address in the Contacts section


Kotenko Alla Leonidivna

Editor-in-Chief of the printed publication "PATRIOT OF DONBASS"

Deputy Head of Relations with International Organizations, Embassies of the EU and the USA


Kotenko Oleg Oleksiyovich

Chairman of the NGO "PATRIOT GROUP"

Founder of Media Group "PATRIOT OF DONBASS"


Khoroshikh Oleg

Head of the department of coordination with state and law enforcement agencies



Lawyer, Lawyer (Kyiv City Bar Council)



Editor-in-Chief of the site